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Frequently Asked Questions

Whats is this game about?

The aim of the game is to become the best knight through winning battles and tournaments

What is the level cap?

You can level up your knight until level 20.

How many stars I get in a battle?

If you lose you get 0 stars
If you win you get 1 star and additional:

+1 star if your HP is 50% or higher
+1 star if there were 3 or less rounds (5 or less round in fights with bosses)
+1 star if you didn't hit your opponent's shield
+1 star if you didn't receive a hit except your shield

You can not get more than 3 stars.

How does rating system work? Why do I gain less rating sometimes?

We use ELO rating system in Shake Spears. It is a method for calculating the relative skill levels of players in two-player games such as chess. To recieve the biggest rating you need to compete with player with higher rating than yours. With higher rating of the opponent you get bigger reward.

Why do I need to register my e-mail address?

Registering your e-mail address will allow you to restore all your progress in the game. Just follow the link in recieved e-mail and your data will be saved. You have to do this only once. All your data will updated automatically. To recover your profile enter registered e-mail through settings. You will recieve links to follow for every profile. Following the link will restore your data automatically, you will need only to refresh the screen (you can do so by choosing armory or any other building on the screen)

I don't like my nickname any more, can I change it?

You can change your nickname any time. Just check options menu (cogwheel button)

How do I change the country flag in tournament table?

It is set by your device. You can change the country in your device settings.

Can Android and iOs users fight against each other?

Yes, now they can.

I completed free gold/ruby offer, where is my reward?

To receive your reward after you complete an offer please visit Duel or restart the game.

I ordered some gold/crystals in old Shake Spears!, can I get compensation in the new Shake Spears?

Yes, please send us your in-game name from the old Shake Spears game and your in-game name from the new Shake Spears. Both charachters should be registered with one e-mail address.